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Delivery Policy

1. ADI shall not be liable for any loss or damage (including but not limited to loss of profits, income, interest and future business) in connection with the delivery of goods, whether such loss or damage is special or indirect, whether ADI knows of the risk of such loss or damage before or after the goods are accepted for delivery. All delivery dates and times are estimated only and ADI will endeavor to dispatch the goods as soon as possible but will not be liable for any loss or damage arising from any delay or non-delivery. If the customer considers that the provisions of these terms and conditions relating to indemnity will not adequately compensate him/her for loss, he/she should take out his/her own insurance.

2. Customers who opt for in-store pickup should pick up the goods within 15 days after receiving the notification. Due to limited storage space at stores, if customers have not picked up the goods for more than 15 days after the notification, ADI may reserve the right to charge additional administrative fees and storage fees to customers. Shall the goods not be picked up for more than 60 days after the notification, ADI will transfer the goods back to the warehouse. When customers come to pick up after 60 days, ADI will charge a 15% restocking fee on top of the invoice amount, and the goods will be arranged from the warehouse back to the stores. Additional lead time may be involved depending on the product supply and delivery schedule. Our staff may request further information from the customer in verifying his or her identity, including full name and/or credit card that the customer used to replace the order. If our staff cannot verify the identity, the staff may reserve any right to refuse delivering the goods so as to protect the interests of our customers.

3. When the goods are in-stock, customers need to arrange the shipment within 60 days upon placing the orders; while for out-of-stock cases, customers may need to arrange the shipment within 60 days upon the goods arriving warehouse. Shall the delivery not be arranged by the customers for more than 60 days, we will charge a 15% fee as storage fee (and the relevant insurance fee) on top of the invoice amount, no product replacement or refund will be arranged. If there are any special requests, such as scheduled delay shipment due to renovation, please contact our customer service team in advance and we will review case by case.​

4. The company will deliver the products to the delivery address provided by the customer through the company’s staff or a third-party courier company. When the product is delivered to the delivery address provided by the customer, the customer must receive the product in person (except for the case where the customer has given special instructions to place the goods outside the door or the lobby management office, but the customer must bear the risk of losing the delivered product under any circumstances). If the customer fails to receive the product for any reason, the customer agrees and accepts that the company has the right to choose to charge an additional fee or cancel the order.

Replacement  Policy

1. Under normal circumstances, we would not accept any request for exchange of products or cancellation of orders.

2. If some products are found to have factory defects after inspection, customers can replace products of the same model within seven days (except for certain designated brands and accessories). Customers must bring the products to the store to arrange inspection and replacement. ADI as a retailer, all guarantee content and process depend on the brand or agent.

3. Each transaction can only be returned and exchanged once.

4. If the replaced goods are not in stock, the customer can replace another good with the same value.

5. When replacing goods, the customer must present a valid invoice, receipt, and an unfilled warranty. The product to be returned may be required to be inspected by authorized dealer to confirm that product has indeed failed to meet the manufacturer’s standards. In such case, ADI have the right to request customers to directly send product to authorized dealer’s service centre for inspection. The goods must be packaged intact without any damage or scratches; and the serial number of the goods (if any) must match the information on the invoice. In addition, mobile phones and tablets require an inspection paper stamped by the official maintenance department to prove that no one has been damaged.

6. If the product is requested to return due to price fluctuations in the market, limited-time preferential price changes, or/and software problems, this return guarantee does not apply.

7. The customer must return the gift that was included in the purchase, otherwise we will need to deduct the value of the gift.

8. This replacement guarantee does not apply to:

(a) Goods damaged due to accidental damage or negligence damage, improper use.

(b) The screen has dust, bright spots/light spots/dead spots or uneven backlight of the electronic ink screen.

(c) Random accessories.

(d) Goods for which there is no relevant invoice or/and receipt or/and the warranty is not filled in.

(e) Products that are damaged or/and scratched.

(f) Products that have been registered for maintenance.

(g) Certain types of products, such as Apple, are only subject to official maintenance and repairs, and retailers are not required to replace new products.

(h) If there is a problem with the wireless connection or APP operation, the customer must directly contact the brand or agent for follow-up. Due to the large number of products, the connection method and the complex combination of devices, the frontline staff of the company cannot test whether the product quality meets the production standards. Common situations such as the router signal is not strong enough, the Bluetooth headset cannot be paired, the APP cannot control the product, etc.

9. When customers find the size of the ordered product does not fit for their need or installation,

(a) before dispatch of products, we can replace the customers with other product model or brand at our discretion and if the supplier has already handled the maintenance matters, 30% of the price of the goods will be required as an administration fee and handling fee;

(b) after delivery and the product packaging has not been opened, we can replace the customers with other product model or brand at our discretion. Customers however need to pay the price difference, shipping fee and 30% of the product selling price as the administrative fee and handling fee;

(c) after delivery and the product packaging has been opened, no replacement shall be provided.

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